About Us

Sri Ayodhya Singh Memorial Inter College Stablished Since 2002

Sri Ayodhya Singh Memorial Inter College "SASMIC" School is a highly acclaimed institution. Amongst the best schools in the state. SASMIC which began in 2002 with a small complement of 50 students, now has over students with many names on the waiting list for admission. The school’s impact and continuations in the field of education was duly acknowledged by State Goverment when it select.

Quality education in the country, SASMIC Institutions made Year 2002 their humble beginnings in Lucknow. The chain continued to grow and nurture its students by imparting traditional Indian values and progressive global ideas. Some of the meritorious students have also made a mark for themselves overseas, the SASMIC family has produced self-reliant, sensitive and responsible human beings who are lifelong learners.

Constructing an environment entrenched in a spirit of patriotism, we aspire to create well rounded individuals capable of critical and creative thinking. Empowering students to become compassionate, responsible and independent citizens, who have the potential to be a transformative force in the global community.


SASMIC has consistently striven to provide a holistic education to its students. The school prides itself for producing responsible citizens who are dedicating their lives to the welfare of humanity.

SASMIC's students can be found in every field, all over the world, excelling in their chosen careers.

Student Says About Us

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